THE SPINNING TOP - STUDIOTAC   Dreamland, Margate  asked  Neverland  to commission a art installation centrepiece as part of its 2017 re-developments. Neverland approached us and asked us to design a piece which would state, as you traverse from the car park into the park; 'You are not in Kansas anymore'   We wanted the piece to be interactive, simple and playful. We researched what the most universal and oldest 'play object' was: A spinning top. across cultures and ages its naive simplicity makes it wholly pleasing and we discovered, in Medieval times, it was common to have a large spinning top in the town square which villagers could spin for exercise and to keep warm!  The simplest of games in so many ways, studioTAC revive the simplicity of play through movement as one of the first things you see in the park. The mirrored surface reflects not only your new surroundings, but your own image, spinning round you as you participate... and you begin to realise you’re not in Kansas anymore.  . We took this as an initial concept and designed something robust, long lasting and permanent. We rooted the piece in the environment with the matching ranbow floor and painted surrounding pillars. The spinning top is a complete crowd pleaser - endless instagram videos have been taken and this is one we are particularly proud of.  For more information and a blog post about the design and build process - click  HERE
 KONG STUDIOS - GORILLAZ x E-ON    'The sun rises, the E.ON batteries power up. The sun sets, the beat drops'      Slice  asked us to transform an old airstream into a fully functioning recording studio... the catch? it had to be set designed to replicate the former studio of the band  Gorillaz , the infamous KONG STUDIOS. We painstakingly researched and sourced each sticker, each prop and each animated reference and installed it within the space. The  concept  brought Gorillaz and  E.ON  together in collaboration inviting bands to record over night in the space. The airstream will now join the band on tour round Europe.
 VEUVE CLICQUOT AT WILDERNESS   studioTAC  conceived the 'Hyper-Real' concept in collaboration with the programming team at  Wilderness Festival .  studioTAC  then took the development forward to design and build an immersive environment for  Veuve-Clicquot . A truly inspiring brand to work with, we looked to their  ' Widow Series'     for the boldness and avant-garde sense for pushing creativity.  Kimatica  were brought on board to provide the performative element and the floral elements were developed alongside 'The Flower Picker,' Joe Porritt. Two beautiful wooden domes, spliced together, created the defined inside and outside areas with a bespoke made geometric bar as the centrepiece.
 A PERFORMANCE OF SOCIAL EXCHANGE - DONNA KUKAMA & MIMA MODERN ART  The prominent art fair,  Frieze, London  asked studioTAC to design and build a small and compact economical space which could house artist Donna Kukama's performance. The space was to house plants and botanicals and so we designed it with light as the main feature. The interior felt like a Japanese tea house with the white corex becoming translucent in the shifting light. The Piece was installed in the courtyard by the entrance to Frieze and ran for the opening hours of the fair.