JANUARY 2015...

studioTAC has made a bit of a momentous decision and moved to Margate. Actually... we have brought a derelict old coach house and successfully got live / work planning consent. .. so not there yet....however, when it's finished, studioTAC's studio will be in MARGATE!

So far we are treating this like a project like any other and enjoying long nights with full wine glasses designing the 1500 sq ft space. First issues is that the building has no windows... how to bring LIGHT!!??

We have decided to take the full design and build on ourselves with only brickwork, plumbing and electrics as hired trade. Some of it we know how to do..... some of it we don't... but that's half the fun! 

Here is our work so far, starting with the building as it was when we bought it...

APRIL 2017... UPDATE - we are nearly there! the snagging list still exists of course, but in essence we are in our home and loving every minute of Margate life in our coach house.