A GENTLE COLLAPSING II - ALEX HARTLEY    'A major architectural intervention in the gallery’s waterside garden.' Victoria & Miro    The Artist,  Alex Hartley  and Gallery,  Victoria Miro  asked studioTAC to fabricate the artists latest work which was to be exhibited in the canal in the gallery's grounds. 
 THE GIN SHOP - SIPSMITH GIN  The ever growing and ever distinguished Sipsmith Gin were looking to embark on a 2016 tour. A number of events and festivals were on the itinerary and Sipsmith wanted to host a GIN SHOP to serve as a bar and masterclass area. Sipsmith's brand language of the old school, craftsmanship and a nod to Victorian detail was strong and unwavering. Our challenge was to retain this class and clarity yet design a movable, transportable and solid full 'Gin Shop' set which could adapt to any differing venue or pitch dimension. No mean feat!   We worked closely with Sipsmith to make sure the function of the bar would juxtapose with every fine detail of the aesthetic. From copper topped bar units to hand designed and hand screen printed bespoke tent lining. The biggest challenge was the 'Gin Shop Frontage,' we designed it to look like a Spitalfields Victorian medicinal shop front complete with columns and hand painted scribed signs. As the set had to be erected quickly and efficiently the entire set piece was designed to fit together like a 3D puzzle - not a single screw is needed!   For build photos please go HERE
 YOU TUBE EXECUTIVE SUMMIT - SOHO FARMHOUSE  Creative production powerhouse  SLICE  asked studioTAC to come up with a number of creative solutions for an executive YouTube event. The main catalyst for design was the venue: Soho Farmhouse in the Cotswolds. It was imperative to both Slice and YouTube that the summit sat within Farmhouse comfortably, the interior design, architecture and style of the venue has a strong visual language, a white cube it is not. We therefore looked at designing branded and non branded elements which would both be present but also fit seamlessly into it's surroundings.  Photography by Sean Kerr
 BELSTAFF / MY BEAUTIFUL CITY  Creative production agency My Beautiful City asked studioTAC to deliver the set dressing element of their recent project with Men's fashion powerhouse Belstaff. Held in the QE2 centre for Fashion Week, the static presentation saw us help make MBC's vision a reality.    All photograpy by Sam Churchill
 HOUSE FESTIVAL / YOUTUBE  Insync Events asked studioTAC to co-design, fabricate and install the complete YouTube sponsored creative content across the festival. This involved 3 tented venues and 4 stand alone installations. YouTube wanted to see touchpoints which were recognisable as YouTube but not logo heavy. As such we looked at using the iconic red colour, the play button motif and a theming of musical instruments across the site. Moreover, the butterfly motif was used not only across all our builds but also adorned the main stage, the staff uniforms and the branding for the event. As such YouTube as the headline sponsor was visible without being intrusive at each point during the festival. All elements were build in our Margate studio and installed on site with a 18 strong studioTAC team of carpenters and set dressers. 
 FREEMAN XP / VODAFONE  studioTAC (TCA) was the creative consultant for  Freeman XP , a soho brand experience agency, who won the contract to deliver a large scale brand experience for Vodafone at Wembley. As the main sponsor of Capital Summertime Ball, Vodafone wanted to access the teenage 85,000 attendees and stage a festival like atmosphere across the surrounding area. 50,000 people came early to experience the 'Future Breakers Live' event. studioTAC came on board at the very infant stages of the project to design the festival. Creating style, individual event and brand languages, the challenges were to create physical decor elements which could display this language and also make an impact against such a large backdrop as Wembley Arena.
 MODERN ART OXFORD   Modern Art Oxford  (MAO) celebrated their 50th year in 2016. They marked the milestone with a series of exhibitions entitled  'Kaleidoscope'  which re visited past exhibitited work from artists such as: Marina Abramovic, Sol LeWitt, Richard Long and Yoko Ono.  To mark this momentous birthday, MAO instructed studioTAC and Loka Productions to design and deliver a night of celebration for 400 guests, artists, art lovers, board members and patrons. Using a tiny window between shows we transformed the gallery spaces using projections, bespoke installations, neon tube lighting and chrome vinyl. The evening was peppered with performances from contemporary practitioners including  Feeding the Fish ,  Reckless Sleepers  and  Junk Ensemble
 THE CHAMPAGNE LAURENT - PERRIER ORANGERY  Having conceived and designed the immersive environment of the Champagne Laurent-Perrier Orangery for Wilderness festival in 2014, it is now a firm centrepiece of the festival. Housed by a 20 x 20m grand pavilion structure and overlooking the beautiful lakes, the Orangery provides a luxe, high end haven from the typical 'festival field.'  studioTAC,  year on year, design the interior and exterior spaces with beautiful flora at the heart of the design with set piece accents all surrounding the hand made herringbone parquet hexagonal bar.  studioTAC 's  design also informs the narrative of the area and, along with Wilderness festival, curate the performance element of the narrative. In 2014 this was brought to life by  'The Petersham Playhouse'  and in 2015 by  'The Candlelight Club.'